Trick or Treat: 40% Off Halloween Gift Set for whole family

Trick or Treat: 40% Off Halloween Gift Set for whole family

A perfect Halloween gift set for the whole family.

Treat yourself without any tricks. A 40% savings and beautifully wrapped Halloween Gift set. Special holiday box, gift Halloween spirit to yourself, to a loved-one or a friend.

A great holiday savings, this Halloween gift set includes:

handmade Jack-O-Lantern banner, 
lovely and fun embroidered pendant necklace for your Halloween party and year round,
orange and black baby ball

halloween gift set
Halloween gift set

All of our products are handmade

halloween necklace
Cross Stitch Necklace

All of our products are handmade, using the highest quality linen from Lithuania and 100% organic cotton. Each item is lovingly and caringly crafted, each design an original.

On Halloween or any time of year, we strive to design beautiful objects for moms, toddlers and babies. We specialise in sensory crochet balls, handmade banners, embroidered pendants and wall art. In addition to our catalogue on our Etsy store, we can customise almost any item and can specially design upon request.

When searching for something attractive and fun to wear to your office Halloween party or to your own Halloween party, why not wear our special holiday embroidered pendant necklace? Hang our Jack-O-Lantern banner outside your door or inside your house. And let your little one enjoy hours of fun while developing important motor and social skills with one of our sensory crochet balls.

A savings of almost 30 dollars on this Halloween gift set will leave room in your holiday budget for a lot of candy corns and children’s costume extras.

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